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The Commercial Real Estate Revolution. Nine Transforming Keys To Lowering Costs, Cutting Waste, And Driving Change In A Broken Industry

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As it currently operates, the commercial real estate construction industry is a disaster full of built-in waste


Almost every project includes massive hidden taxes in the form of delays, cost overruns, poor quality, and work that has to be redone

Based on unifying principles and a common framework that meets the needs of all stakeholders, this new system can reform and remake commercial construction into an industry we re proud to be a part of

Building new structures is a fragmented, adversarial process that commonly results in dissatisfied customers and frequently ends in disappointment, bitterness, and even litigation

But this is no magic bullet it s a call for real reform

But while the industry has tried to reform itself, it can t do it alone

If you re an industry professional who s sick of letting down clients or an owner who s sick of cost overruns and endless delays, The Commercial Real Estate Revolution offers a blueprint for fixing a broken industry.

If you re one of the millions of hardcore cynics who work in commercial construction, you probably think this sounds like pie in the sky

Real change can only come from business owners and executives who refuse to continue paying for a dysfunctional system and demand a new way of doing business

Seventy-percent of all projects end over budget and late

The Commercial Real Estate Revolution is a bold manifesto for change from the Mindshift consortium a group of top commercial real estate industry leaders who are fed up with a system that simply doesn t work

The Commercial Real Estate Revolution offers a radically new way of doing business a beginning-to-end, trust-based methodology that transforms the building process from top to bottom

The book explains how business leaders can implement nine principles for any project that will dramatically cut costs, end delays, create better buildings, and force the industry into real reform

The buildingSMART Alliance estimates that up to fifty-percent of the process is consumed in waste

The industry must change for its own good and that of its customers